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Welcome to Slitheronline.com! This is an amazing place where you can enjoy a famous multiplayer browser-based survival game called Slither.io. For those who are fond of snake games, this game will surely suit their desire. When come to Slitheronline.com, not only can players enjoy the game, but also check out other features, updates, news, tips, tricks, guides and wonderful skins. As an administrator of this website, we are very glad to welcome tons of gamers around the world to come and enjoy Slither.io. In order to bring the convenience to players, we finally established the terms of this site consisting of several significant rules, regulations that users or visitors have to follow. All of the players are highly recommended to take a look at this privacy in order not to break any rules set by us!

Terms of Slitheronline.com

As an owner of Slitheronline.com, we highly recommend all users and visitors to follow some of the basic rules:

  • Firstly, a user or a visitor is not allowed to change the content or take any information on this site away. We establish this website for the general usage and for all players to come and find out the useful information relating to the game.
  • Secondly, The majority of content and its quality displayed on this site are not provided with any sorts of assurance by either third organizations or us. The majority and quality can include the precision, relevance, completion even if they are approved by laws. Hence, the visitors and users need to be in charge of what they have done when they are on this site, such as using the information or researching on it.
  • Moving on, some of the elements of Slitheronline.com such as graphic, content, design, layout and mores will be owned by the administrator. If we accidently detect any copy of those elements, that action will be claimed as unlawful piracy.
  • Lastly, the site will consider some of the logos which are not possessed by the operator copied.

The players will not be able to break any regulations or do some bad things. Some of the bad doings such as destroying or unsanctioned use will be claimed as guilt. Therefore, all the users and visitors are highly recommended to acquire those basic rules mentioned above in order not to break or make any mistake on this site.

In addition, Slitheronline.com includes some of the links connecting to others so that players can get more conveniences when playing games. For example, when they research on this topic, they can click related links below to explore more information. But, they won’t be able to find the content of other websites here.

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