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Pay a visit to Slitheronline.com to enjoy the wonderful snake game called Slither.io now! This is an amazing multiplayer game online centering on surviving and strategic skill, which is just like Agar.io game. The players now can come to this site and start their game! Managing thousands of players at this site is not an easy task to the administrator at all. That’s why we have already set out the privacy for all players and highly recommend them to read it carefully.

Privacy can be considered as a document explaining the rights and obligations of players and users at this site. Their personal information will be gathered here!

Log Files

Log files that include some of the details on ISP-Internet Service Provider, IP-Internet protocol addresses, the browsers, the visitor information, visit time and much more are used at a lot of websites. Also, these files are very helpful for the webmaster to examine and collect demographic data, run the website, keep track of the actions of users or something like that.


Cookies are used for keeping the information regarding the preferences of users. With the cookies, the webmaster can keep track of users or alter the content of the web page when users utilize some sorts of browser.

Web Beacons

Using Web Beacons can assist the webmaster to stick to the navigation through one or more websites. They can also be linked to cookies in order to achieve an understanding of how the users can browse and get the information of that site.

DoubleClick DART Cookie

The third party using cookies to display the ads is Google. Thanks to the Dart Cookies, Google can totally offer their ads to the clients, and those ads can be connected to this site or other ones

If the users don’t want to get involved in the cookies, just simply to go to Google with this link: http://www.google.com/policies/technologies/ads/.They will find out the privacy policy.

The third parties will operate ads and links after applying their technology. The users who are using their browsers will receive those ads. Cookies, Web Beacons or Java Script, can be considered as technologies used by third organizations. Their purpose is to check out and evaluate the productiveness of the advertisements.

For those who want to obtain more accurate details, they should ask more information about the privacy policy of the ads. Also, if they want to prevent cookies from running, just simply achieve it via browser picks individually
Go to some of the websites utilizing personal browsers to find out further information about how to manage cookies or browsers

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